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Fractional CMO Services helping B2B brands drive funnel value, volume, and velocity

Operationalizing the building of brand, demand and branded experiences for global B2B brands for more than 20 years


Grow your pipeline value and increase your average deal size by improving everything from your targeting, messaging

go-to-market strategy and tactics


Increase the number of opportunities in your pipeline by combining the best of traditional demand generation with world-class ABM


Move deals through your funnel faster with integrated sales and marketing sequences, playbooks and workflows

"Ken is a world-class marketing professional. I have worked with Ken on several occasions to completely rebrand, position, and message entire companies and product lines. He is an outstanding strategic thinker, communicator and thought leader. Ken's work is always detailed, well thought out, planned, and executed with perfection. In addition, Ken is great to work with, very customer savvy, and a true professional. I highly recommend Ken and would contract his services again in a heartbeat."  Mark Overington, VP, Marketing, EMC



Brand Positioning and Repositioning

Market Segmentation

Competitive Analysis

Messaging Strategy

GoToMarket Strategy

Launch Programs

  • Brand

  • Product

  • Service

Sales Enablement strategy and tools development

MultiChannel Demand Generation Campaign Strategy & Implementation

  • Account-Based Marketing Strategy and Implementation

  • Applied analytics to drive optimal campaign performance

Marketing infrastructure and Operational Leadership

  • Optimizing people, processes, tools and technology

Your CMO

Ken Dec

I'm a 30-year marketing veteran who has led the building of some of the world’s most successful brands including IBM, Toyota, Salesforce, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, GlaxoSmithKline, JP Morgan Chase, Raytheon, Agilent, Hitachi, and many more.




  • Been a CMO and served as a ‘fixer’ and fractional CMO

  • Led teams large and small

  • Helped mature brands find new sources of growth

  • Helped start-ups scale at every stage

  • Managed budgets large (hundreds of millions) and small (and none)

  • Worked with brands based in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, France, Denmark 'land and expand' in the US

  • Led many brands’ initial implementations of martech from the marketing and sales automation stack to AI, AR, VR, and MR

  • LinkedIn


I've helped these clients and many more build their brand, drive demand, and deliver digitally-enabled branded experiences that grow revenue.


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Client References

"I have had the pleasure of being a client of Ken's while working together on branding and demand generation campaigns. Ken brings both a practical attitude and innovative approach to his work. Starting with the big picture, Ken quickly ramps on the business context, provides sound strategic advice and, then, digs into the specific project. Ken's broad range of industry and media experience brings depth to a project as he shares not only a wide variety of insights but also knowledge of what has worked and why. Ken is a great partner to have on the marketing team!"

Yvonne Cykel

Director, Strategic Partner Marketing


"Ken has a remarkable ability to optimize both the forest and the trees -- turning mountains of data into incredibly valuable and actionable insights. He helped our business to deeply understand our customers' behavior and thought process to create meaningful experiences which drove both revenue and loyalty. Ken delights in co-creating inventive solutions with bottom-line impact and is an outstanding partner."


Sue Burton-Kirdahy

SVP, Enterprise Marketing

Bank of America

"Ken led us through a messaging & positioning project for a key new product. This project took place at a time when our company lacked a CMO. Ken effectively acted as CMO for us, guiding us successfully through this major project that required the input and buy-in of several Senior Executives, all with differing viewpoints."

Alice Bartram

Vice President, Content Marketing and Brand

Dun & Bradstreet




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